In January 2010 Pécs assumed its role as a European Capital of Culture. The city entered a realm of the in between: inhabiting latitudes of transition, travelling from the past through the present into tomorrow’s possibilities. With an abundance of cultural events, normal routines can be altered by instantaneous and unexpected experiences; in these moments the city-dweller or tourist can be caught off-balance.
Taking place in different locations throughout the city, the exhibition IN BETWEEN: DISPLACED HARMONIES / DISSONANT STATES enters territories that explore the unpredictable and temperamental relationships connecting ‘the event of art’ and the spectator. What can occur might lead the inhabitant or visitor in different directions along an untravelled pathway into experiences in between the everyday and strange, sublime or exploratory territories.
The curators of IN BETWEEN have chosen distinct venues throughout the city; in this manner the exhibition’s boundaries are enlarged beyond the traditional art site enabling fresh spheres of expression and interaction with a wider public. The intention is to initiate and accentuate public interaction with a wide display of artistic activity.
Curators: Christian Gracza and Allan Siegel
közelités Művéseti Egyésület
Approach Art Association
Pécs 2010 - European Cultural Capital
participating artists: Marek Brandt, Carlo Crovato, Konstantin Déry, Petko Dourmana, Max Erbacher, Anna Fabricius, Laurent Golon, Katia Kameli, Szabolcs KissPal, Angela Lubic, Annechien Meier, Ilona Nemeth, Klara Orosz, Dora Palatinus, Gabor Pinter, Hector Solari, Janos Sugar, Joahannes Tiepelmann